Nikko AM Global Equities Campaign

Creating a deck and social media campaign for Nikko AM quality-focused global equity strategy


Nikko AM


Asset Management


Q3 - Q4, 2022



Social Media

Video Production

Campaign Management

Narrative Development


Nikko, a global investment management company, approached us with a request to revamp their existing deck and create a social media campaign for their quality-focused global equity strategy. The aim was to highlight the unique features of their strategy and generate interest among potential investors.


Our team conducted a thorough analysis of Nikko's investment approach and discussed different angles and examples to gain a deep understanding of their views on investing. We then created a compelling narrative that highlighted the key strengths of their quality strategy and how it worked.

This narrative was incorporated into their renewed pitch deck, which had a clear and concise message that conveyed Nikko's unique selling points. We then produced three short, fast-paced, and engaging social media videos that focused on different aspects of their investment approach and beliefs.

To complement the videos, we also developed multiple attention-grabbing quotes and explanations that were uniquely tailored to the global equity team and investment strategy.


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The new campaign was incredibly successful, with results showing it was four times more effective than previous campaigns. Nikko AM's team now has high-impact sales collateral, including the narrative-led pitch deck, social media videos, and attention-grabbing quotes and posts.

At CORE, we are committed to delivering engaging and effective marketing solutions to our clients. Our work with Nikko showcases our ability to collaborate with clients and create tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. If you're looking for a creative agency that can help your fund achieve its marketing objectives, we're here to help.

Nikko stated our campaign was four times as effective compared to similar past campaigns, decreasing cost-per-lead by 75%!

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